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La Gabinèle
The trade range designed to complement the production of estate wines.
Variation of the range under the "La Gabinèle" umbrella brand,
In the Oc Language, a gabinelà is a vineyard hut.

Crus La Gabinèle

These exceptional wines, witnesses to our love of the land and our quest for excellence, are the proof that finest wines can be produced in the South of France, for enlightened amateurs and those very special moments !

La Gabinèle, Saint-Chinian « La Pansière » red 2015
La Gabinèle, Minervois « Bélandes » red 2015
La Gabinèle, Terrasses du Larzac « Treize Vents » red 2019

Terroirs La Gabinèle

The wines, made from carefully selected vineyard plots, express the mineral characteristics of the southern terroirs. They are often atypical, rich and complex, but also refreshing and friendly. These wines are aimed at a clientele of connoisseurs for a unique and original tasting experience.

La Gabinèle, Carignan old vines, Pays d'Oc red 2019
La Gabinèle, Languedoc red 2017
La Gabinèle, Faugères red 2018
La Gabinèle, Chardonnay « barrel fermented », Pays d’Oc white 2017

Cépages La Gabinèle

These are accessible, seductive, fruity wines, of consistent quality and which offer an exceptional price/pleasure ratio, for a clientele of explorers.

La Gabinèle, Chardonnay Pays d’Oc white 2019
La Gabinèle, Cinsault-Grenache Pays d’Oc rosé 2019
La Gabinèle, Merlot Pays d’Oc red 2018
La Gabinèle, Cabernet-Sauvignon Pays d’Oc red 2018
La Gabinèle, Syrah Pays d’Oc red 2018

Tailor-made cuvées
Creating special cuvées for customer demand.
Tailor-made cuvées, which Thierry Rodriguez nurtures with the help of his oenologist friend Jean Natoli. Original, limited edition, author's wines. He likes to bring out the best in forgotten grape varieties, such as the incredible Grenache gris in his white wine Rarissime.
He carries out intensive "Sourcing" work in the search for new partners for production, blending and creation of original vintages. He is permanently striving to bring forward precise tastes to create wines with character which truly convey their terroir of origin.
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